Aircool Guarantees, A Better Breeze by up to 7 Degrees!!

Aircool Pad, the Southwest’s leading manufacturer of aspen cooler pads, offers:

- Over 70 sizes of 2” thick hand-made aspen cooler pads

- Rigid Media, both in pre-cut boxed sets sizes cut to your coolers specifications

- Cooler parts & supplies for most makes & models of evaporative coolers

- Aspen pet bedding, the preferred choice of civilized pets

Aircool has been in the evaporative cooler business for over 45 years. Aircool has always been a family owned business. This provides our customers continuity with the past and stability for the future. Adherence to quality and providing the best products led to our hand packed evaporative cooler pads being tested and proven to be "a better breeze by up to 7 degrees" by the University of Arizona*. The quality and style that's manufactured into our cooler pads makes them your best choice.

Aircool’s main product is our hand-made, 2” thick aspen cooler pad. We manufacture our cooler pads on site.  Since our production runs year around, there is never a shortage of cooler pads, no matter what time of the year our customers come in. Daily, on-site production also means that we have the ability to custom make cooler pads quickly for any application including greenhouses, storage facilities, and warehouses.

Aircool is an authorized evaporative cooler dealer. We carry primarily Symphony and Fridgiking and Aerocool coolers. We also carry an array of cooler parts including pumps and motors to keep your cooler running at its peak efficiency. Click here to read more about AirCool or if you have questions please contact our friendly, experienced staff for help.

What is evaporative cooling and how does evaporative cooling work?

*Monitoring, Evaluating and Optimizing Two-Stage Evaporative Cooling Techniquies. Authors: John F. Peck, Helen J. Kessler and T. Lewis Thompson

We can custom make any size cooler pad including for Green Houses!

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